Get up close with elephants

Get up close with elephants, predators – and dinosaurs!

Fancy cooking for a lion or tiger? Or discovering what ostriches share with dinosaurs?

Aalborg Zoo lets you learn about animals and get close to their everyday lives.

There is an intimate feel about Aalborg Zoo.

“We are a very cosy little zoo, very close to the city of Aalborg.

And we care a great deal about animal welfare and preserving nature, Get up close with elephants which is what we want visitors to experience,”

says Susanne Solskov, the park’s head of marketing.

Meat for predators

Especially the carnivores among the pack provide something of an experience.

Have you ever prepared a tiger’s meal? Well, here is your chance.

“We occasionally invite guests to help cut the meat for the predators.

It is like an open kitchen,” explains Solskov.

Even outside dinner time, there are nutritional lessons to learn.

“The meat hangs for everyone interested to see.

We make no secret about how things are done.

We inform people of the process and why this food is good for the animals.”

Dinosaurs and domestic animals

Storytelling is at the heart of Aalborg Zoo, and this spring’s new attractions underline this.

First off, April sees the return of one of the zoo’s most popular specials: the dinosaurs.

Life-size models of dinosaurs will be placed on an experience path in the woods in the park.

“Obviously, these are huge models, so they stand out.

We compare them to birds and other descendants to show the evolution of these species,” says Solskov.

In May, animal tricks and skills are top of the bill. Beginning with domestic animals like dogs, Get up close with elephants

pigs, goats and birds, the zoo’s staff showcase the trained animals’ talents.

Later on, more exotic animals like lemurs, macaw parrots and owls take the stage.

Keeping with the zoo’s values, it is not all entertainment.

“The reason we train wild animals like tapirs, polar bears and orangutans is to stimulate their senses and improve their living standards,”

Solskov explains. “We teach orangutans to open their mouths so we can check their teeth, Get up close with elephants

and they learn to reach their arms out so we can measure blood pressure and much more.” Get up close with elephants

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