Designmuseum Danmark celebrates Wegner

With its impressive collection of modern Danish design icons,

Designmuseum Danmark in Copenhagen is a must-see for everyone interested in Scandinavian design.

Next year, the museum celebrates the 100th anniversary of the birth of one of the world’s most influential designers, Hans J. Wegner.

Designmuseum Danmark, Denmark’s largest museum for Danish and international design, was founded in 1890.

For many years, Hans J. Wegner (1914-2007), who studied, taught and exhibited at the museum, contributed to the museum’s profile.

Head of exhibitions and collections, Christian Holmsted Olesen, is in charge of the upcoming exhibition, Designmuseum

Hans J. Wegner – Just One Good Chair, which will present an extensive collection of the designer’s original pieces, drawings and models.

“The exhibition will tell the story of how Wegner worked and developed his designs but also of his position

within the Danish design tradition and his relationship with other Danish designers.

It also looks at the international context and why Wegner’s designs became such a huge success – if you look at it objectively, Designmuseum

it was really the work of Wegner and Finn Juhl that created the international breakthrough of Danish design in the ‘50s,”

says Olesen, who is currently working on the first book on Wegner to be published in English as well as Danish and German.

Over his long career, Wegner created some 500 chairs; among the most famous are the Round Chair and the Wishbone Chair.

Wegner’s work always stemmed from the manual craft, and he personally created many of the prototypes, which can be seen at the exhibition.

“It seemed obvious to create the exhibition here at this museum to which Wegner had such a strong connection – he studied here,

taught here and many of his later designs are based on historic models that are exhibited here at the museum.

This gives us the unique opportunity to exhibit the designs alongside their inspiration,

on the floors where Wegner worked, and where they were originally presented,” stresses Olesen.

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