Monitoring of sporting codes

Monitoring of sporting codes

To ensure the process does not amount to empty promises,

Minister Mbalula appointed Dr Basson and his team to carry out independent monitoring Monitoring of sporting codes.

 “At the national sports confederation it was decided that for the Transformation Charter to move forward it had to be monitored.

The Minister decided that the best way to do this was to appoint an independent grouping to monitor, according to the principles in the Transformation Charter,

 the progress towards targets in seven key areas to bring about the necessary changes with respect to demographic change and to maintain a good playing and performance record.

“It is a two-fold approach: create equitable access and develop a competitive sport system,” explained Dr Basson. The EPG oversees this for the Minister and reports to him on progress.

Groups that have signed agreements will be assessed according to the scorecard, which has merit and punitive measures such as deregistration, said the Minister.

Initially the focus was on quotas but there are many interlinked issues, said Minister Mbalula.

“Government has to accelerate development, the federations must ensure their policy is implemented sincerely and not as an exercise of malicious compliance.”

The approach is working: “Transformation has been successful in cricket,” he noted. Regarding quotas, a broader approach is being taken.

“The emphasis is on school sport as that is where sportsmen come from. They come from former Model C schools, not township schools. There they are exposed to quality… We don’t have that now,” said the Minister. Many of the top-fl ight football players have not been exposed to such support.

Dr Basson explained that the youth were like building blocks and that transformation at school level was essential if transformation is to reach top levels of competition and participation.

 “You can’t have transformed teams at the top unless there are building blocks at the bottom and there is access. Without a skills and capacity programme you’re in the wind.

The longer we take to do this the more talent we will lose,” he said Monitoring of sporting codes.

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