Clothes made with love

Clothes made with love

When designer Dyveke Cappelen Beugnet became a mum, she was surprised to learn how difficult it was to find children’s clothes that both looked nice and were of good quality.

Refusing to spend money on clothes that fell apart within a month,

she decided to take matters into her own hands and designed her very own clothing line for kids: Lilli & Leopold.

Small kids having large and exclusive wardrobes has become far from unusual, Clothes made with love

despite them growing out of everything within a few months.

Beugnet decided to take a step away from this materialistic development and work towards a more sustainable fashion industry.

“Small kids don’t need an excessive wardrobe – it’s not necessary.

Personally, I hate throwing away clothes, so my advice to parents is to invest in a few basic quality items for their kids,” Beugnet says.

Having studied clothing design at ESMOD Fashion School in Oslo,

Beugnet started out small and designed a limited collection of organic underwear made from pure merino wool.

It was an immediate success and Lilli & Leopold was officially established in 2010. Today,Clothes made with love.

Beugnet designs wool underwear for kids aged 0-10, for both winter and summer wear.

Her designs are clearly inspired by vintage clothing, made with love and attention to detail.

“Everything I design is of excellent quality; it is made to last a long time.

The merino wool is soft and delicate, even after years of machine washing,” she explains.

Lilli & Leopold can be bought in a number of stores in Norway.

“We have recently expanded across the borders, with a shop in Sweden selling my designs.

I hope to continue expanding internationally,” Beugnet finishes.

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