Authentic French

Authentic French charm in the heart of Aarhus

It is no coincidence that Klassisk 65 in Aarhus has become a favourite among professional food critics as well as local and visiting Francophiles.

With a well-selected menu of classic French food and wine plus

an extraordinarily cheerful atmosphere, the bistro presents a buzzing cocoon of French charm.

Founded by the experienced sommelier and self-confessed Francophile Søren Andreasen ten years ago, Authentic French

Klassisk 65 has grown quite a bit since its humble beginnings.

But the intimate and relaxed atmosphere, for which the restaurant became quickly renowned, Authentic French

has remained unchanged – and so has the owner’s love of French food.

Head chef Johanne Ægidiussen explains: “We serve a menu of classic French bistro dishes such as steak tartar and foie gras made from scratch.

Søren travels to France several times a year and he is a true Francophile when it comes to food;

it is all about intense, creamy and powerful sauces, rustic food and loads of good ingredients.”

The food is accompanied by a suitable selection of French wines by bottle and glass, Authentic French

and the knowledgeable waiters gladly help out with the right match.

Renowned for his outgoing and forthcoming personality,

Søren Andreasen has created a buzzing and cheerful atmosphere at Klassisk 65.

A part of the individual and relaxed experience is the preparation of many dishes by the waiter at the table.

“Søren is very dedicated to the service profession and makes a great effort to create interaction between the guests and the waiters,

who cut and serve the fish, sauté the crepes and mix the tartar at the table,” Ægidiussen explains.

The jovial approach is also reflected in the restaurant’s interior, which captures the essence of French charm with soft lighting,

uncovered plank tables and enchanting smells from the open kitchen.

The end result is what many guests describe as an extraordinary experience at Klassisk 65.

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