Alvin Jensvold

Alvin Jensvold

Combining multimedia production, graphics and painting, Alvin Jensvold has made a name for

himself as an innovative colour technician and visionary – all in one.

His works grace the walls of private homes, galleries and public buildings, and never fail to instil a sense of wonder and playfulness.

Jensvold is a self-described “curious inventor” within the Norwegian art community,

and his images are a true testimony to greatness achieved through the merging of methods and traditions.

In fact, his preferred method of creating – that of hand-coloured graphics – came into his life somewhat by accident.

“I had explored several genres and worked a lot with graphic prints and silk-screen printing in the early ‘80s, but unfortunately,

I suffered an injury caused by exposure to the solvents I was using.

That’s when I started looking for new methods and ways to express myself – and it just so happened that Alvin Jensvold

I came across digital printing in Japanese art,” says Jensvold.

‘Coincidence is the greatest artist’ Alvin Jensvold

It was an instant success – and an instant bond between artist and method.

Digital printing based on Japanese methods and traditions allowed for a similar process as that which Jensvold had previously utilised,

without the dangers and discomforts often involved in using harsh solvents.

In 2007, he acquired his first high-quality digitalprinting machine and started creating in new ways.

“I was able to use high-pigmentation colours that very much resemble oil paint,

and the process was very much the same as with the silk-screen printing I’d previously engaged in.

It involves layering prints and achieving a design from the sometimes haphazard way the colours come together,”

explains Jensvold, adding that there is value in appreciating the arbitrary sides of art creation.

“If there are layers that don’t work, they’re removed or added to. Then again,

it’s all about grasping coincidences, the randomness of creation.

I often say that coincidence is the greatest artist.”

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