Celebrating life through clay

Having worked as a physician in Bodø’s maternity ward for 23 years,

Kristin Skogøy’s clay art has long been inspired by the female body and the creation of new life.

When establishing her own studio – Galleri Skogøy – two years ago, Celebrating

the human and often feminine shapes became her celebrated trademark.

“I am absolutely in love with clay – it’s an incredible material,” she muses.

“Many see it as something of yesteryear; an older type of material that isn’t modern, or cannot accommodate the modern.

However, it is an organic material that can be molded into new shapes and fixed in new forms – nothing comes close to it.”

Skogøy had always dreamt of expressing herself in artistic ways,

but went on to pursue a career as a doctor from an early age.

Still a physician at the maternity ward, creating art in her studio between her sets of shifts, Celebrating

she thanks the duality of her work for her constant inspiration.

“I believe we often create from what fills our minds, and what we see most of. For me, that is very much the lived truth.

I also think our mind benefits from seeking shapes in several Celebrating

dimensions – as the world grows more digitised and we spend more time interacting with 2D, Celebrating

we need that interaction with 3D as well. That is what my craft has come to mean to me,” she says.

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