Brotherhood, craftsmanship and – ABBA!

The keywords in Givarps furniture design are playfulness and functionality.

The two owners (and brothers), Johan and Sven Isaksson, have created a concept that allows the client to be

part of the design process and create timeless furniture which suits his or her specific taste and needs.

So when the recently opened ABBA museum in Stockholm asked them to create a large

sofa in the form of a vinyl record, they, of course, made it happen.

“We usually design furniture pieces for homes and offices so making the sofa was a fun challenge!

And it suited us perfectly, since we’re both very passionate about music,” says Sven.

Johan and Sven have in the past chosen very different paths in life, Brotherhood

but they have always connected through music and playing the guitar.

They love the feel, sound and construction of electric guitars and put the same craftsmanship into their furniture.

Johan stands for the design side of things and Sven does the marketing, Brotherhood

so they complement each other perfectly.

With the help of Brand Identity Designer Jorg Kuijl, from the Dutch company Door,

the brothers have, during the last year, learned how to focus on their strengths and Givarps has found its identity.

Mixing the old with the new

Givarps is based in the province Småland in Sweden, known for its furniture industry.

The name of the company is taken from the brothers’ farm that has been in the family since the 18th century.

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