Tackling fraudulent qualifications

Tackling fraudulent qualifications

Samuels says that recent reports of high

profile individuals with fraudulent qualifications highlight the need for the public service to clean up and deal with this issue.

He warns that those in the public service especially, should rectify the problem or face being embarrassed in public. “We must make sure that the public service is beyond reproach.

 I urge everyone in the public service to ensure that their qualifications are verified.”

 Samuels says this is important because it will raise the public’s confidence in the public service Tackling fraudulent qualifications.

“Those people who don’t have a qualification mustn’t wait until somebody finds out, they must come out. It is better to close the gap rather than be caught out,” he cautions.

Fraudulent qualifications do not only damage the county’s reputation, but also harm the reputation of the NQF.

Samuels also urges people who are planning to study overseas to consult with SAQA about the qualification and institution they are planning to study at.

“You can send an e-mail to SAQA and we will be able to advise whether the institution where you want to study is legitimate or not.”

National Fraud Register Last year Minister of Higher Education

and Training Blade Nzimande asked SAQA to develop the National Fraud Register, Tackling fraudulent qualifications

which will list individuals who have committed qualifications fraud.

“We are busy investigating how to set up the register and are looking at a number of legal issues

first because as soon as you say someone has a fraudulent qualification, the question will be asked, who makes that decision?

We got advice from the State Law Advisor, which said it’s the courts that must make the determination if a qualification is fraudulent or not.

“When someone has misrepresented their qualification and it comes to our system, SAQA takes the matter to the police for them to take the matter forward.”

Lending a helping hand to others Samuels says that over the years SAQA’s

reputation as a verification authority has grown in leaps and bounds.

The authority was recently approached by private qualification verification institutions to help them and that this has given SAQA a huge stamp of approval.

He adds that before the interview with PSM, he was in a meeting with a representative from one of the institutions to request SAQA’s intervention.

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