Effortless and ethical Nordic chic

Effortless and ethical Nordic chic

Icelandic design company and clothing brand Farmers Market lies at a crossroads

where the national meets the international and the countryside meets the city.

Their authentically styled, sophisticated and functional pieces will slot right into your

wardrobe – whether you’re an outdoor adventurer or a die-hard urbanite.

“We wanted to create a brand that reflected our Nordic roots, with an emphasis on natural materials and sustainability,”

explains Jóel Pálsson, manager, musician and one half of the couple behind Farmers Market.

“In Iceland people have a very strong and direct connection to nature and the weather.

Everything we do is a reflection of our location here in the far north.”

Best known for Nordic-style knitwear, the Farmers Market collection Effortless and ethical Nordic chic

has expanded over the years to include everything from tweed capes to woollen underwear.

Multifunctional pieces such as the sturdy, yet stylish waxed jackets can be worn Effortless and ethical Nordic chic

on a refreshing hike along mountain trails or out and about downtown on a rainy day.

The sharp pencil skirts and knitted dresses make for perfect office wear, while the cosy accessories will see you through the coldest of winters.

All items are made from the finest natural materials: merino wool from Australia,

yarns from Italy, waxed cotton fabrics from British Millerain,

Indian raw silk and, of course, Icelandic wool from the local yarn mill.

Style with a conscience Constantly striving to maintain the highest ethical standards and uphold respect for the environment,

Pálsson and his wife, Bergþóra Guðnadóttir, use top quality natural fabrics as far as

possible in their designs, keeping synthetic materials to an absolute minimum.

“We believe that sustainable fashion and recycling is not just a passing trend, but a key to the future,” says Pálsson.

“We stay true to that belief in everything that we do. Sometimes that can get complicated, but we do our best.”

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