Directing a House play via Zoom

Directing a House play via Zoom

After weeks of moping around

and feeling a little bit lost in the post-Christmas blues in January, I decided I needed a focus.

 I am a keen, albeit amateur, playwright, so I thought I would put this passion to use.

Around ten days later – after some shocking ideas that were quickly dismissed and some awful draft read-throughs with my father – I had completed Mother’s Meeting, the sixteen-minute Sanderson play essentially taking the mick out of mothers (because it’s not like they do so much for us).

Now, directing a play is a challenge on its own; however, doing it online, with time differences, the necessity of involving siblings,

and factoring in Households back at school, it became quite the mammoth task.

One, admittedly, that I had not really taken into full consideration. I feel as though

I am moaning a little bit, failing to register the usual ‘theatre person’ optimism:

in actual fact, I thoroughly enjoyed this process, specifically the magic of watching one’s written work being performed in front of one’s own eyes (even if just via a screen).

And not only that, but simply watching this work being acted so well is extremely rewarding: Directing a House play via Zoom

what seems to me to be some quite definitely amateur playwriting does indeed make some (relatively) enjoyable entertainment.

Before I began writing, when I pitched the idea to my tutor, she asked me

if I had watched the BBC show Staged starring David Tennant and Michael Sheen, which is a similarly styled TV programme to the one I had in mind.

I confessed I had not, and still, to this day, have not, in fear I may come to a realisation of the awfulness of my own work; as they say, we are our own worst enemies.

I was immediately keen to find my cast, but initially it seemed my peers were slightly less keen, perhaps intimidated

(much like myself) by this very obscure prospect. Slowly but surely people started to show an interest Directing a House play via Zoom.

I managed to gather enough girls to audition for all the parts. After a very informal audition process, I got my cast.

With one of the girls in Pakistan and another in Malaysia, I needed to factor in some pretty whopping time differences.

Despite the fact that they were sitting down for supper when we were doing our lunchtime rehearsals, they always managed to turn up, which made

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