From a presenter’s view

From a presenter’s view

AS PHOTOGRAPHERS WE sometimes have to pull a rabbit out of a hat.

Especially when shooting weddings: you’re often working in bad light, you’re up against time pressure,

the weather can be against you, and maybe there are factors that mean you have to make cool portraits in sub-optimal locations.

I thought it might make for a cool collaborative afternoon, where we all met up ลาวสามัคคี

and brainstormed about what we would do in an unpromising situation to make sure we delivered for our clients.

I haven’t yet made that happen, but Paul Whitham LPSNZ, one of the organisers for

I was very flattered to be asked, but also a bit nervous, because although

I’ve done presentations before, I’ve never actually run a workshop.

 Also my original plan was that I would be learning from my fellow photographers as much as teaching them!

But I said yes, mainly because at that stage it was still months away, so it didn’t seem so scary.

It became more scarier as it loomed closer, but then when I started pulling together material for a slideshow, From a presenter’s view

I realised I had numerous examples to show people.

I had portraits taken in what were effectively broom cupboards, a lovely shot of a groom who’s actually straddling a toilet at the time

 (not that you’d know), and an entire bridal party shoot done inside a motel unit in 30 minutes.

Wedding photography in particular is really great for honing your skills, teaching you tricks for eliminating chaos, From a presenter’s view

and generally just helping you see that there are usually things you can work with even when they’re not immediately apparent.

For more information: ลาวสามัคคี 

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