Triple triumphs

Triple triumphs

WHAT DO A weekend in Wellington, a trip to Iceland and some dolls’ eyes have in common?

Answer – they all provided an opportunity to produce a top image for the 2017 Nelson National Triptych Salon.

Nelson’s Irene Callaghan APSNZ enjoyed a breakaway weekend wandering and photographing around Wellington. It was an ideal opportunity to soak up the city’s moods.

From performing artists to architectural icons, from noisy traffic to tranquil gardens, from historical museums to modern shopping malls, Irene absorbed the total ambience of the city.

Her photo impressions were portrayed in an impressive multilayered 2017 Triptych Champion Print entitled “The whole city seemed like a theatre”.

William Wright FPSNZ from Lower Hutt travelled considerably further than Wellington for his winning triptych – to Iceland in fact.

Like Irene he also enjoyed a walk around a capital – the Icelandic capital, Reykjavik ลาวสามัคคี วีไอพี.

But unlike Irene’s impressionistic image William’s photograph is very specific.

It captures, in an abstract manner, the balance he observed between a minimal number of elements – a corrugated building, a drainpipe and a shadow.

His simple but very strong depiction, “Reykjavik-abstract” gained

the Champion Award in the projected Image section Triple triumphs.

 New to the Salon this year was a special trophy for the triptych which best depicted a well known phrase or saying.

The choice of the phrase or saying was left to individual entrants and some very enterprising triptychs resulted!

Dunedin’s Kathy Richards is, by her own admission, a hoarder of things that “just might come in handy for a photograph”.

Even so her “usedto-finding-odd-things-being-photographed” daughter was

shocked to come home from school to find mum hard at work photographing dolls’ eyes stuck into bits of fruit and into an eggshell.

The opening of the Salon’s print exhibition, the first showing of the selected projected images

and the presentation of major awards took place in Nelson at Morri Street Cafe on Sunday 1 October Triple triumphs.

The print exhibition continues at the cafe while the projected images may be viewed at Hanafins Camera and Video, 218 Trafalgar Street, Nelson – both until Saturday 21 October.

For more information:  ลาวสามัคคี วีไอพี

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