halfway between

halfway between

Worcestershire: conveniently halfway between our Maidenhead office and the Etihad Stadium. (BL editor senses may be a football ref?)

halfway between Where did you go to school? Kings School Macclesfield, which is still going, though now it’s a posh private school,

which it wasn’t when I attended:  posh or private that is..

What were your favourite subjects at School? Economics and mathematics,

 neither of which are obvious routes to a career in bingo,

but are more connected the industry than many will realise – it came in particularly handy for calculating prize money.

Where did you go to college and what did you study? University of Sunderland,

 halfway between to study for a BSc (Hons) in Economics and Computing: highly relevant in the modern bingo world. Howard Gant from IHL also attended,

although I might have been there a year or two (or more) before him.

What sort of work did you think you might go into when you joined the working ranks? I always fancied being a lawyer,

 however when I realised how much studying there would be and for how long it lost its appeal.

What did you parents do for work? My Dad was a chemist,

so not even vaguely related to leisure and entertainment or gambling

What was your first job out of college? I worked for a large expensive retail fashion chain,

 which I found extremely dull.

 It did little to improve my sartorial style but did teach me an awful lot about how shoplifters operate.

Following that what areas/sectors did you work in?

 I used to work as a part-time Team Member at my local Top Rank Club in Macclesfield during the holidays.

What was your first job in bingo and for who?

I used to work as a part-time Team Member at my local Top Rank Club in Macclesfield during the holidays.

 whilst at college before then joining Top Rank as a Trainee Manager in London several years later.

Why did you apply? I had really enjoyed working as a Team Member in a club:  it was superb. 

When I saw the job advert for Trainee Managers for Top Rank (now Mecca) I couldn’t fill my application in quick enough.

Did you know anyone already involved in the industry?

 certainly no family or friends involved in the business.

What were your thoughts then about bingo v what you know today? Probably then, I had no idea really about the industry,

especially the social aspect of our clubs and the important part that they play within their communities.

 I knew the business but not the community.

What are jobs/posts you have held in Bingo?

I was a Support Manager for a couple of years learning my trade,

then I was a General Manager for approximately 10 years,

managing various clubs in and around London, the South East and the West Midlands.

I then became Mecca’s Area Manager for the North West & North Midlands region, working

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