Ejecta Dominae

There’s no escaping it, New York City’s Ejecta are a dead ringer for Yazoo.

Similarly, the relationship of Leanne Macomber Ejecta (Neon Indian) and Joel Ford (Tigercity) blossomed whilst on a joint tour with their separate bands, but in contrast they’re no forward-thinkers.

Sure, ‘Mistress’ is a universal tale of heartbreak fit for a retro nightclub, but while it could bob happily alongside OMD in stonewash jackets, this specific past-affection is rather too recent to resuscitate.

Y’know, they dangle money in front of you, like, ‘you don’t want to have a day job, have an advance Ejecta .’

So I found that I didn’t want to go down that road, so I went home and was just hanging out at the beach.”

“I remember watching Under Siege [the Steven Seagal movie] and then there was this… Ejecta [Connan impersonated the intro to ‘Voodoo Child (Slight Return)’] …and I was like, ‘What is this?

Connan has become a much more accomplished guitarist than he’s so far been given credit for.

Indeed, he samples Fiona Apple on his debut EP, ‘Vice Haus Deluxe’. He says: “If I wanted to get up and do a whole indie folk project I could do that. . Music is music. There shouldn’t be any genre block-offs.

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