Two New Looks for G2E

Two New Looks for G2E

Since 1993, Bensalem, Pennsylvania-based slot-base manufacturer TC Millwork has been at the forefront of industry technology.

When the Borgata opened in 2003 with the ErgoBase (TCM’s first industry patent), it changed the way operators looked at slot bases.

The product could no longer be viewed solely as a distinguished piece of accent furniture.

Two New Looks for G2E It needed to provide player comfort.

In 2008, TCM introduced the patented Hybrid Slot Base, which shifted the focus from presentation to functionality.

The Hybrid was the first to boast the beauty of wood exterior finishes with metal interior, giving a high-quality look to a heavy-duty structure, according to Jason Kubach, the company’s vice president of sales.

TCM has again raised the bar in the slot base market, Kubach says.

The new patent-pending T-Top Hybrid and Universal Gaming Grid made their debut at the G2E Asia show in Macau

Two New Looks for G2E and became operational shortly thereafter. The products are being installed at the Baha Mar in Nassau.

 They will be showcased again at G2E in Las Vegas.

“After the show in Macau, I knew we had something bigger than ever,” Kubach says.

“I was reassured again during our installation at the Penn National Hollywood Casino in Dayton, Ohio, where I overheard slot machine manufacturers saying this was the best base they’ve ever seen.”

The seamless configurability of the TTop in conjunction with the ease of mounting the games on the Universal Gaming Grid make this slot base the benchmark in the industry, Kubach asserts.

The T-Top (the “T” is for tessellation) is the first slot base that allows for complete modularity and still manages to conceal all of the seams.

The design is made possible because the joints are no longer in between the games. They are underneath the games and therefore hidden.

The concept can spare operators from constantly restoring blemishes caused by spills, chipped edges and gaps, Kubach says

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