Jordan Brookes

Bleed The Melbourne

Bleed The Melbourne International Comedy Festival is about to get even more interesting

when stand-up comedian Jordan Brookes brings his show Bleed to the renowned festival.

“My style is a mix of developing what I think is funny, and I think as long as you’re coming from an authentic place then people will see that,” Brookes says.

“No matter how different or unique it might be, I think people will get on board because they can sense authenticity.”

Jordan Brookes Brookes’ has always enjoyed doing stand-up comedy because he can express himself creatively and give his ideas a whirl onstage.

“I think it’s the freedom to write something and try it out really quickly; there’s nothing more immediate than getting instant feedback on whether it’s funny or not.”

Bleed is actually quite personal, delving into his vulnerable self and portraying Brookes’ stance on relationships.

“I’ve just come out of a relationship and I’m now leaning on the audience emotionally,” he says.

“I’m taking them on a path of what it might be like to be in a relationship with me.

“I think people want to see something they wouldn’t ordinarily see,

Bleed The Melbourne they want to see something from someone they wouldn’t get in a one-on-one interaction with them.

I think it’s important to explore these things and it’s important that people feel excited when you expose

something that they wouldn’t ordinarily get.”

“When I was building the show, I wanted to create an experience that feels like they’ve gone on a rollercoaster and they’ve come out at the end completely confused about what the hell has just happened.

“I think that’s been the guiding intention: how do we shake people up and make them feel like they’ve experienced something insane?

Bleed The Melbourne It’s also important to give people something to think about.”

Not only is Brookes eager to perform at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, he is keen to experience Australia for the first time.

Looking towards the festival, his goal is simple: make people laugh, because that’s his passion.

Having earnt the title of funnyman, Brookes offers some inspiration for people who are aspiring to be comedians.

“Just identify early on what it is [you] want to say and what it is [you] find funny,” he says.

“Never stop pursuing to make yourself laugh, because I think that’s the only thing that will allow you to continue doing it.”

“Also, never think that you’ve found it, because you haven’t.

You find new things, you learn new things, and therefore it’s important to find what would make you funny onstage.

I think the most that any of us could hope for is to enjoy what we’re doing and be happy.”

“No matter how different or unique it might be, I think people will get on board because they can sense authenticity.”

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