During this time, our primary investment aim has

been to give our clients the certainty of knowing that their capital will be preserved.

We do this by consistently managing relative and absolute downside investment risk, with the ultimate aim of achieving superior risk-adjusted returns for our clients.

To achieve these sustainable returns, we recognise how important it is to take environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues into consideration.

We also understand that, as a guardian of clients’ savings, we have the responsibility of ensuring

the capital we invest is put to work contributing to the greater good of the economy, environment and broader society.

This commitment is reflected in our corporate philosophy, which embraces the mutually reinforcing values of commercial success and long-term sustainability.

Internationally, climate change, corporate governance crises INVESTING IN A BETTER

INVESTING IN A BETTER and social inequalities are posing severe challenges that world leaders and other economic stakeholders need to address as a matter or urgency.

Against this backdrop, there is a growing awareness of just how crucial it is to incorporate ESG considerations into investment decisions.

 In South Africa, economic inequality and governance challenges are particularly acute, and thus, we believe it is imperative to integrate ESG considerations seamlessly into our investment decision making processes.


To achieve this, Prescient has adopted a holistic and integrative approach to sustainable investing, embedding

ESG considerations into our corporate activities, product development and security selection and portfolio construction processes.

This three-pillared approach ensures that we deliberately and systematically include all material ESG factors in our investment and corporate activities.

 Our approach to ESG goes beyond traditional financial factors by considering overall sustainability

and the alignment of all stakeholder interests in the investments we make.

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