Turning the Tables

Turning the Tables

Gaming’s revitalized pit draws varied inspirations.

A daring, cutting-edge trend boosts the area long known as two rows of gaming tables arranged backto-back.

Space between rows, often reserved for dealers or supervisors, may now include a DJ, personal terminal, or chip reader.

The pit has become younger, saluting the new breed that steadily sparked its resurgence.

Classic games have a twist, augmented by flickering lights, loud music and upbeat pace of play.

Electronic table games (ETGs), bonusing mechanisms and analytical software provide different means to a similar end. ETGs embrace a visually stimulated audience.

Analytic software tracks all player levels.

And the gaming menu expands. More millennial-mindset options like tournaments, stadiums and social chatter.

As the pit vies for space in a casino industry fighting for entertainment dollars, its evolution is significant. Outside-the-box thinking affects what goes inside the pit.

Turning the Tables Software, bonusing and ETGs impact the pit’s future EKG.

And it’s tribal gambling—the largest segment of the nation’s legal casino industry—that will continue to lead the way as the nation evolves into sports and internet gambling.

“If this thing is going to actually work, it’s not just going to be the commercial operators,” Hummingbird says.

“It’s going to be the tribes.

In a lot of ways, the tribes are going to be more heavy actors than the commercial operators.

That’s the way I look at it. “We have this covered. Our policies are tried and true and have been in effect for years. We’ve got qualified people. Many are credentialed.

We have former law enforcement people. We have technological people. We’ve got compliance people.

“The role of e-tables in particular has changed,” says Roger Snow, senior vice president of games and card shufflers for Scientific Games.

“Not too long ago, in the U.S. at least, e-tables were the low-rent district of table games.

That’s where you found $1 blackjack or $5 baccarat. Or they flourished in markets like Pennsylvania, which back then didn’t allow traditional tables. But it’s a whole new ballgame now.

E-tables are becoming a more prominent part of casinos, and it’s not all about price.

Turning the Tables If fact, you will find that some highlimit players prefer playing in a stadium gaming setup over a felt game.

It’s more comfortable, more private, more enjoyable. It’s a startling development.”

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