Waiting For The summer

This second single from The Proper Ornaments (James Hoare
of Veronica Falls and Max Claps, whom Hoare met as Claps’ girlfriend
was nicking boots from the secondhand store he was working
in) was released on Summer Solstice, and by no coincidence.

‘Waiting For The Summer’ is a proud pastiche of ’60s hippy pop
that slowly lopes to a rudimentary drum machine, “feeling strange”
and sounding like how The Velvet Underground would if they were
English druids rather than elegantly fucked New Yorkers.summer

Cave has always been a prolific songwriter, but what becomes clear
here is that the quality is there too. summer

If Nick Cave has ever written a shit song lyric, then he kept it to himself. The Complete Lyrics is testament to a maverick talent refusing to compromise no matter which way the winds of fashion blow.

Nick Cave is the man who began a song with the line ‘I don’t believe in
an interventionist God’ and followed it with a love song of heart-breaking tenderness and humility whilst rocking killer Cuban heels and
golfing pants.summer

It’s the blind followers that keep Liam in Clarks desert boots and vice versa. As the group of lads on Start Anew put it when the cameraman notices that all four of them are decked out in Pretty Green clobber: “You gotta have the

No gear, no gig. No gear, no mad for it, no gig.” It’s a line of complete dog shit English delivered so stoically as to initially come across like a direct quote from their hero himself. Maybe that’s Pretty Green’s motto.

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