To make an album inspired by 10cc’s ‘I’m Not In Love’ is a brave
move, but to do it enlisting the talent of over 25 musicians from
across the United States is cheesefor-dinner-demented.

Producer Ryan Olson roped in Solid Gold members Adam Hurlburt and
Zack Coulter to do just that and the results are a flawed but
strangely fantastic record, brimming with studio invention.Gayngs

Guests range from Andrew Bird’s jazz saxophonist Michael Lewis to
Bon Iver ripping out his familiar falsetto and, even better, some
Bone Thugs’n’Harmony style R&B. Gayngs

If Gayngs are a musical super family then they’re the Burbs, but this lot would blubber Tom Hanks with their bass guitars.Gayngs

In ten years time ‘Relayted’ will be either consigned to the cellar of
dismay or it’ll be the only album worth listening to and for that
reason alone we like it.

yet more soaring synths and sung, pop lyrics by Alice; ‘Baptism’ is a Frankenstein’s monster of a track, also compiled of elements from the band’s first album, although god knows which track it sounds most like – a majority of them are in contention. Gayngs

And this, unfortunately, is the overriding state of ‘Crystal Castles’ – a second
album that impressively lacks progression and winds up sounding like a CDR of the record you’ve had for two years already.

If only there were more tracks on here like ‘Empathy’, which takes a simple, hip-hop, 4/4 beat and adds the kind of shimmering synth loop that makes Timberland the King Midas of production that he is. In its current climate it’s a unique glimpse of Crystal Castles’ potential indeed.

But what ‘Crystal Castles’ boils down to is 3 definite highlights that, if matched, would have meant that Ethan Kath and Alice Glass
could have stropped around for another year

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