A spoonful of syrup

A spoonful of syrup

Inspired by nature’s combinations, tastes and qualities, Linnea Finnskogen brings you sweet and savoury treats in the most innovative of ways.

Ever contemplated dripping some spruce syrup on your salad? Or perhaps some strawberry syrup on vanilla ice cream is more your flavour?

Whatever the preference, Linnea Finnskogen will alter the way you season your dishes – and broaden culinary horizons along the way.

Using solely Norwegian produce, selling syrups from Svalbard in the North to Kristiansand in the South,

Linnea Finnskogen is truly and authentically Norwegian.

Harvesting produce from the geographical area of Finnskogen, A spoonful of syrup

an area historically populated by so-called ‘forest Finns’,

the brand boasts a strong connection to both place and background.

Founder Liv Bekkeli explains that the most important aim is to use what readily exists in local nature, letting tastes shine through their simplicity.

“We don’t add any preservatives or additives,” she says, “it just wouldn’t be right. A spoonful of syrup

We don’t ferment any of the berries or produce either, but focus on extracting the juices and using them the way they are.”

Linnea Finnskogen has quickly become Norway’s largest producer of syrups, and a brief look through the website explains why.

The assortment is as large as it is enticing, offering innovative taste experiences like crowberry syrup or spruce syrup flavoured with Aquavit.

“We can, and do, produce syrups of all berry kinds found in Finnskogen, and many of them are unique in the world.

A Europe-exclusive product, for instance, is the wild raspberry syrup.

We may be a comparatively small business, but we get lots of great feedback on our products,” says Bekkeli.

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