Pissed Jeans & Hookworms

Tonight, Hookworms take to the stage with an American flag draped across their keyboard stands.

Knowing the pitch-black humour and convention-defying core of Pissed Jeans, it’s no doubt more intended to accommodate their Independence Day arrival with a healthy dollop of irony than it is out of sincerity.

This is first Pissed Jeans show since they announced signing to Domino offshoot Weird World, and it’s one that justifies that decision. Hookworms

Opening with the now staple ‘Away/Towards’ the band ignite a trail that sparks furiously and constantly until the dying all-encompassing,

cacophonic filth of ‘Preservation’.

The momentum is a continuous, propulsive and engulfing force.

After the slower densities offered on debut ‘Pearl Mystic’ Hookworms

seem to be largely absent from their post-album release shows (or at least the few I’ve seen),

it seems are splitting their personality through this sonic expansion, Hookworms

the group perhaps carving out an ability to be two differing bands, creating both separate studio and stage personas, all of which points to huge intrigue in regards to where they will go next

The band’s performance is a perpetual balance between vicious, irony-drenched humour and sobering, intestine-twisting snarl.

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