Dana Hewson Retires

Dana Hewson Retires

After Four Decades at Mystic Seaport

W hen Dana Hewson left work at the end day on April 28th, he left behind a tenure and legacy few could match.

After thirty-nine years at Mystic Seaport, his retirement feels like the end of an era. In fact, it is the end of an era.

D ana’s job was unlike anyone else’s in this century-or rhe last for that marrer.

As M ystic’s first fu ll-time “shipkeeper” back in 1977, and until last month as rhe museum’s Vice President for Watercraft Preservation and Programs and Clark Senior Curator for Watercraft,

he is one of rhe most respected, knowledgeable, important people in the maritime heritage world.

While he kept up a busy schedule at the museum, managing the museum’s collection of more than 500 boars and ships,

he has been an active contributor to rhe maritime heritage community ar large and could.

Dana Hewson Retires be counted on to participate in conferences, seminars, meetings, and gatherings,

sharing his extensive knowledge on watercraft, from small rowing skiffs to great square riggers.

“In many respects, Dana has been the heart and soul of Mystic Seaport’s waterfront; he is synonymous wirh rhe museum’s core values,” Mystic’s president, Steve White, recalled.

Dana has been involved wirh all aspects of maintenance, restoration, and operations related to the museum’s watercraft collection.

D ana has played a leadership role in seminal watercraft projects, most notably the bui lding of theAmistad;

Dana Hewson Retires he was involved at a senior level in the project, from its earliest planning stages through the construction, launch, and delivery to Amistad America, Inc.

Additionally, Dana has been responsible for a broad range of programs and evenrs at Mystic Seaport, including the 1908 steamboat Sabino operations, the museum’s transient dockage business,

the John Gardner Boatshop classes, the sailing program for rhe 1932 schooner Brilliant, and countless others.

In his role as curator, he provided direction and leadership in the preservation and development of the museum’s watercraft collection, whi ch includes fo ur National Historic Landmarks.

Among the latter is the museum’s flagship, the 1841 whaler Charles W M organ.

H e and his fri end and colleague Quentin Snediker led the restoration and the subsequent 38th voyage of the Mo rgan in 2014.

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