As tough as old boots

As tough as old boots

Take two tablespoons of bold, colourful Californian beauty and mix with a couple of splashes of Scandinavian functionalism and endurance.

What you get is a pair of Blankens shoes.

Loved by urban fashionistas as well as small-town retirees, the brand is going from strength to strength.

It is a tale as old as the hills that the key behind a successful business idea is to identify that sought-after gap in the market.

This is exactly how Blankens came about.

“I felt that there was a gap in the Swedish footwear market, between expensive designer shoes and impersonal and poorly made mass-produced varieties.

In addition, I found the design of many Swedish shoes quite cautious, and the production and origin of the shoes wasn’t always clear,”

As tough as old boots explains founder and CEO Cecilia Blankens.

The move from Sweden to Los Angeles four years ago spurred the writer and journalist to turn her dream of founding a shoe company into reality.

“The move became an opportunity for reinvention. Inspired and motivated by LA residents and their ‘everything is possible’ mentality,

it finally settled the matter and so I launched my shoe baby there,” she says.

A commitment to longevity and sustainability is paramount for Blankens.

The shoes are made to last and are created with the intention to be worn over many seasons, As tough as old boots

which is why the design also needs to incorporate a sense of timelessness.

“We make good shoes produced by skilled European craftsmen in a sustainable manner, using sustainable materials,” Blankens explains.

Blankens’ vibrant and classic design expression appeals to a mixed group of shoe lovers.

“Our clientele is extremely diverse, and that’s something we are very proud of.

I want our customers to be able to wear all our different models, regardless of whether they’re 20 or 60 years old,” says the CEO.

When it comes down to it, it really is quite simple. “The basic idea is to save humanity from boring, bad or excessively expensive shoes,” she concludes.

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