First Washington DC Awards Dinner

First Washington DC Awards Dinner

A ccording to dinner co-chairman Philip Webster,

”April 16th’s Washington DC Awards Dinner for the National Maritime Historical Sociery exceeded our expectations and was remarkable for an inaugural fundraising event in the middle of a recession.

The room was filled to capaciry, everyone enjoyed themselves, and they bid often and well on the Silent Auction items and bought fo ur John Barber paintings to benefit NMHS.

First Washington DC Awards Dinner The comments we’ve heard from our guests are: ‘warm and friendly,’ a ‘family gathering for those that love the sea,’ ‘interesting presentations,’

‘well-paced,’ ‘lovely music by wonderful young people,’ ‘excell ent food and service,’ ‘lovely surroundings,’ ‘an event with energy.

“‘ It truly was a great evening and one we will long cherish.

Gary Jobson, America’s yachting spokesman, is a wealth of personal and funny stories and information- he was a perfect master of ceremonies.

The wo nderful voices of the USCG Academy Cadet “Idlers,” under the direction of Dr.

First Washington DC Awards Dinner Robert Newton, were enchanting.

The stars of the evening, of course, were the two award recipi ents. John M.

Barber graciously gave the Sociery credit for influencing him by helping to fo und the American Sociery of Marine Artists,

which has played such an important role in his life. Admiral Thad W.

Allen, Commandant of the US Coast Guard, focused on the importance of the heritage of the Coast Guard in shap ing what it is today.

He stated that the principles of their operations haven’t changed for 200 years,

regardless of the dangers facing them.

Those principles are to maintain a clear objective, an effective presence, a uniry of effort, an on-scene initiative, managed risk and restraint.

“Because situations can change so rapidly,” he stated, “we need to stay fixed on where we’re going. To do that we need to know where we’ve been. For that we thank the Sociery.”

NMHS award winners john Barber (left) and Admiral Thad Allen (2nd from left) were fited by NMHS members and trustees at the inaugural Washington DC Awards Dinner.

With them are (left-right) NMHS trustee Philip Webster, dinner co-chair Irmy Webster, overseer Gary Jobson, and chairman Ron Oswald.

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