Ok, we get it, 1990s can be kind of funny, witty, and sardonic, but we
knew that much from their thoroughly agreeable debut, ‘Cookies’.

Marking the successful foray into a world transcending the Glasgow cultism on which exYummy Fur, Jackie McKeown,

built his name, the sarcasm that made 1990s debut so delicious hasn’t found it’s way onto second album, ‘Kicks’.

We’re not saying there’s no place for throwaway pleasure – Mclusky were more culpable than most of dropping the lyrical 1990s

bollock but they also had the ball-shredding bombast to bury their more lacklustre attempts but when it’s executed without the loquacious snap of its predecessor,1990s

and relies on vacuous lite-pop melodies and lyrics that borderline on parody, ‘Kicks’ is definitely one in the teeth.1990s

And his now trademark handwear? “He was just nervous and he just wanted to take something on stage. 1990s

He kept looking around and put the gloves on. It was the idea of the security blanket – the thing that turns you from every day Brendan into Brendan

Now it’s just a habit, a good luck charm.” Not that the rest of the gang
are particularly well versed in this band-lark either. 1990s

Their ramshackle sound is deliberate. “We just don’t want to learn the
songs too well,” he reasons. “Just to not work it and work it and play it ten times and lose an edge to it.

The same goes for the band’s recorded output. Album one was recorded in one day, the second in two. Urgency, isn’t just key, it’s a foundation.

“If we can’t play a song that we normally play live in three goes then we probably shouldn’t be recording it anyway.

It just works better if we keep it really skeletal. I think people respond well to simple, repetitive music as well.”

Now, with album three on the way and plans to come to the UK next year, their frenetic pace doesn’t look like slowing.

“We’ve started writing songs which doesn’t take us long – we write really quickly.” When, or if, they do arrive it’ll inevitably be a commotion.

And, like the kids in the alleyway, we’re ready for Eddy Current Suppression Ring to walk all over us.

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