An Arctic gem

An Arctic gem of stories and peace

Sommarøy Arctic Hotel Tromsø boasts a setting stunning enough to attract visitors from across the world,

and plenty of exciting Arctic activities to boot.

Yet it is the stories of the old locals, the passion of the people behind the hotel,

and the intimacy you experience there that make it the Arctic gem it really is.

“When we first built the hotel in 2001, An Arctic gem

we had five meeting rooms that had to be turned into a restaurant every evening.

We were very good at moving chairs,” host Kjell-Ove Hveding jokes.

Since then, Sommarøy Arctic Hotel Tromsø has changed significantly.

There are now 11 meeting rooms, the biggest with a capacity of up to 200 people, and the venue can serve up to 250 guests for dinner.

Outside is a pier perfect for barbeques, and wherever you look there is beautiful scenery.

“We wanted to build one of the best coastal hotels in northern Norway, An Arctic gem

and the feedback we get suggests that we’ve achieved that goal,” says Hveding.

Having spent 110 million NOK, the build was completed in April 2017, resulting in nothing short of world-class facilities.

The hotel itself boasts 74 rooms, 43 of which have balconies,

with an additional 80 rooms in seaside cabins alongside

hot tubs and Jacuzzis as well as a sauna built for the admiration of the northern lights.

A room called ‘the Circle of Friends’ boasts a 6.5-metre-tall wall made entirely of glass,

where groups can enjoy wine tastings and learn all about the hotel’s very own vineyard in Italy.

“Storytelling is really important for us,” says Hveding.

“This is a real, living coastal community with an active fishing industry,

a grocery store, a beautiful church – and people really feel at home when they come here.”

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