Are you online?

Are you online?

Recently, one of my clients asked me why I felt it was important for her to be on social media.

She had just started a business, and had listed Direct Marketing as her main (and only) marketing strategy.

In her own words, she felt the only way to achieve orders was to pick up the phone and call the people on her

Are you online? mailing list to explain why the product would bring value and convenience to them.

She also explained that this method worked. One of the people she called raised several objections and,

Are you online? through the direct conversation, she was able to address most of his objections.

He is now one of her best clients. “There”, she told me. “Direct marketing is the way forward for my business!” I was shocked.

Perhaps you agree with her? It does make sense. Perhaps in preaching the Gospel, one-on-one evangelism is what works.

But in business? Really? Let’s think this through.

How many phone conversations can you have with new customers in a day? Discount the number of times you spend on leaving messages,

Are you online? holding on while the other person is distracted, and so on? Perhaps 8 to 10 conversations at the most.

By which time you are worn out answering the same questions and repeating the same sales pitch.

Let’s compare this with using a blog.

You write your sales pitch in an engaging, informative manner,

Are you online? and invite people to find out more by offering a free item of value, perhaps a 20% discount on the first order.

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