Frankie Rose & The Outs

It would be fair to argue that we don’t need yet another 60’s girl
group throwback.

However, we’ven got one, and at least there’s a seasoned veteran at the helm.

Frankie (serial band-hopper) Rose employs the airy vocals of Crystal Stilts, the lo-fi of Vivian Girls and the sublime Rose

harmonies of Dum Dum Girls to create eerily authentic retro pop with a knack for melancholy. Rose

Most of the record is a series of heady lullabies, bathed in sonic halos – tracks like ‘Little Brown Haired Girls’ are beat led,Rose

but soft around the edges, with a lighter touch than Rose’s previous projects.

Then she’ll weigh in with a go-go hipped, Nancy Sinatra bass line which, coupled with ShangriLas vocals, Rose

introduces a seductive groove to an otherwise totally ethereal record. Rose

It’s nothing new, but if it’s your thing, you’ll be enchanted.Rose

Nic’s excitement is palpable and it’s particularly impressive considering the
adversity he’s faced, not just of the last few months, but for the duration of !!!’s lively 14 years. Rose

With band members spread far and wide, an ever-revolving line up, deaths,
departures and a constant battle to deliver against a punk funk/dance tag that, rightly or wrongly, Rose

throws up a world of connotations, !!!’s desire to challenge expectations is no less diminished, despite the lukewarm reaction to their latest LP.

“It never works out like you want it to but I take it for what it is and learn what I can from it and don’t let the parts that stroke my ego inflate it too much,” he explains. Rose

“It’s always a bit dangerous to play around in that area but it’s an interesting way to see what the problems are with it

[the album] and the failures and successes, but I’m not going to say I’m 100% happy with the reaction.

At the end of the day, as long as you’re 100% happy with the record, that’s all that matters.

“You try and make every song as good as it can be, and every song on there we put everything into.

When I think of the record it’s like…,” Nic pauses for thought

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