Color Transparency

Color Transparency

Echoing Italian design, art, and architecture, sensuous shapes infuse the minimalist creations of Vhernier.

The jewelry line was founded in 1984 by a sculptor and Angela Camurati, whose refined taste for art and architecture led

the pair to combine the trade secrets of a goldsmith with the forms of modern and contemporary art to craft their bespoke jewelry pieces.

The Milan-based maison remained a quiet favorite for in-the-know connoisseurs until 2001,

when the Italian art collector and entrepreneur Carlo Traglio discovered

Color Transparency and acquired the niche brand with intentions to develop a wider audience.

He continues the brand’s roots, however, creating jewelry mirroring contemporary Italian design.

Always delivering the unexpected, Vhernier is distinguished by experimentation with nontraditional elements like wood, fossils, aluminum, and unexpected stones.

Vhernier is hewn in Italy’s nonpareil gold region of Valenza, notable not only for its precious materials but attention to detail and a mastery of craft for refined brands like Bulgari.

Color Transparency Richard D. Eiseman Jr., president and CEO of Eiseman Jewels in NorthPark Center,

describes Vhernier as “a visual symphony of the senses for the discerning eye of art and design lovers alike.”

Vhernier’s entire collection is crafted by hand. Here, the 18K rose gold Re Sole color-imbued bracelets bring unconventional elegance to both day and evening wear.

Cabochon rock crystal combined with turquoise, jade, and mother-of-pearl create Vhernier’s signature Trasparenze, bringing bursts of color to the wearer.

A venerated Dallas jeweler who devotes his attention to his discriminating clientele’s “taste and aesthetic interests,”

Eiseman strives to offer the finest and most exclusive brands. To that end, he says, “We are thrilled to add Vhernier to our designer offerings.”

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