Trailblazing youth

Trailblazing youth

Speaking at the recent South African Youth Awards hosted

by the National Youth Development Agency (NYDA), Minister in the Presidency responsible for Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation Jeff Radebe dared young award winners to help government to create jobs.

The time had come, he said, for the youth to become creators of work instead of perpetual jobseekers.

Minister Radebe reminded winners that the country expected them to take the baton from the older generation to move the country forward.

 “All eyes will be on you. The nation will look up to you to play significant leadership roles in society Trailblazing youth.

You are the faces of the future of our country. You are expected to play an active role in uplifting your communities.

You are expected to assist in empowering other young people. You are expected to contribute to national development.” He reassured them of assistance from government, their peers and the country.

Only together would the country realise a better future for all. “As government,

Trailblazing youth we must ensure that young people inherit a country full of possibilities.

A country destined for success. A country with a brighter and more prosperous future.”

Recognising and rewarding achievement “The South African Youth Awards offer us the necessary platform to cultivate the soil for the growth of our future leaders.

The young people that we will be honouring this evening have distinguished themselves as trailblazers in a variety of fields. They stand out as the brightest stars in the galaxy of young people in our nation.

They illuminate our paths as we journey towards a brighter future.”

The South African Youth Awards recognises exceptionalism in youthful South African entrepreneurs.

Celebrating their success would inspire other young people to start businesses and create jobs.

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