While the Dallas Art Fair has opened the door to a growing number of collectors, the city’s stalwarts continue to play an active role.

In addition to being among the first to walk through each April installment during the Patron Preview, many of them generously open their homes and collections during that weekend.

This year, prior to the public opening, one of its sponsors, Marguerite Hoffman, will welcome exhibitors to her Bill Booziotis-designed guesthouse and exhibition space known as B2.

Though she and her late husband, Robert, built the collection together, their approaches to collecting varied.

“Robert had a list of five criteria. Some of these criteria formed the backbone of the collection,” Marguerite says.

PRIVATE VIEW She, on the other hand, collects more intuitively. “It happens to me in the first three minutes. I look for quality that’s inherent,” she explains.

Hoffman is delighted that the Dallas Art Fair is cultivating new collectors with initiatives such as the Dallas Art Fair Foundation & Dallas Museum of Art Acquisition Committee.

She credits the leadership of the fair with creating a critical mass between institutions and emerging collectors.

“We have to keep expanding awareness and move beyond the obvious players,” she says.

As the former chair of the DMA Board of Trustees,

PRIVATE VIEW she also stresses the importance of getting collectors involved with local institutions.

While her collection includes titans of modern and contemporary art, Hoffman continues to expand its scope.

“I made a conscious decision a year or two ago to diversify the collection and to include the work of more women and more people of color,” she says, adding,

“Since this work will go into a municipal collection, it has to reflect that culture.”

Mark Bradford and Rashid Johnson, accomplished artists by any barometer, are among those reflecting this diversity.

She has also acquired the work of over a dozen women, including Austrian artist Renate Bertlmann.

“Often the work refers to women’s bodies or to the roles that are traditionally relegated to women. Washing Day is a perfect example of these conditions.

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