Fairytale vibes in charming Trosa

Fairytale vibes in charming Trosa

Only an hour from Stockholm, Trosa is perfect for a day trip. A visit here is like finding oneself in a story by children’s book author Astrid Lindgren,

as this small town is bursting with picturesque scenery, friendly locals and delicious food.

Trosa is known for its charming streets and wooden houses with glass-enclosed porches.

“It is a bit like a fairy tale,” tourism director Malin Karlsson smiles. “Our visitors appreciate the small-town atmosphere,

Fairytale vibes in charming Trosa idyllic scenery and friendly locals.

It’s like being in a story by Astrid Lindgren.”

Unsurprisingly, Trosa features in productions such as the film about fictional character Kalle Blomkvist and the popular German TV series Inga Lindström.

But this charming town has more to offer than delightful décor.

One of the summer highlights is Trosa Vintage Weekend, an antiques market and auction with expert valuation of jewellery, crockery,

watches and the like, taking place on 16-17 June. Another not-to-miss event is the traditional Trosa Harvest and Crafts Market on 26 August.

Visitors can also explore the historic sites in the town centre on a self-guided tour, take a boat trip to the archipelago,

hike along Sörmlandsleden, enjoy other outdoor activities such as kayaking, or perhaps visit one of the royal summer palaces, the beautiful Tullgarn Palace.

Discovering the local restaurants is also a must. For instance, Fina Fisken serves rustic specialities such as herring,

Fairytale vibes in charming Trosa and Karlsson recommends Marsipangården’s marzipan factory and café.

Easily accessible by train or bus from Stockholm, Trosa is ideal for a day trip.

There are plenty of options for those who want to stay the night too, including the classic Trosa Stadshotell & Spa,

with genuine character and a restaurant dining room from the 1800s; the charming Bomans Hotell,

with unique interiors and new things to discover every time; and Ågården, or Tre Små Rum, both of which boast beautiful courtyards.

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