A single

A single

Single mothers who hold down full-time jobs have their hands full,

A single having to sustain their career growth while maintaining healthy and happy families.

 A public servant and mother of two said that having a support system is crucial to balancing it all.

*Hope Timothy, a director in an Eastern Cape government department, said without her support structure, she would crash under the weight of balancing a successful career with the demands of single parenthood.

 “I created a support network and I’m not afraid to accept help when necessary. My health is my priority,” she said.

Timothy’s job requires extensive travelling but she always makes time for her family.

She explained that her children are linked to her career success because only when they are happy, is she able to focus properly at work.

Timothy said spending time with her children is also therapeutic.

“I’m involved in their lives. We have one-on-one sessions at home where we talk about everything, from school to lifestyle,

life experiences, careers, church, news, politics and what is happening in their lives at that particular time.

“Enjoying free time with my children, family holidays and gatherings are a must.

 For me, laughter is the best medicine,” she said. In addition to being happy at home Timothy believes that one must have spiritual grounding to deal with work challenges.

Surviving workplace challenges Working in a high-pressured environment where she sometimes has to make decisions that can have some blowback is an added challenge for Timothy.

“As a manager, at times I have to take unpopular decisions but I remind myself that challenges are opportunities in disguise.”

With Timothy’s job central to the department’s functioning, she has to oversee a team of over 10 people.

She said there are many challenges that come with the job as she has to ensure that everyone plays their part in carrying out their duties.

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