A robot invasion in Stockholm

The London Science Museum’s exhibition Robots is going on its world tour, and the first stop is Stockholm, at the National Museum of Science and Technology.

With a mission to inspire us to think more about the role of robots, and what they mean for our future,

Robots is a mind-blowing interactive exhibition of a unique collection of robots.

The National Museum of Science and Technology is situated in the northern part of Royal Djurgården – a green oasis in the centre of Stockholm – and is part of a group of museums known as Museiparken.

It is Sweden’s largest museum of technology and attracts around 350,000 visitors annually.

Its main audience is families, but also tourists from overseas. It is both a museum and an interactive science centre,

where visitors can explore exhibitions with tricky challenges and mind-blowing facts and vast collections of objects, invasion images and records.

The exhibition Play Beyond Play premiered in October 2018 and is an immersive experience about video games,

featuring game stations, invasion imaginative game environments and workshops.

“Sweden is a big contributor to the gaming industry. One in ten of all people who play computer games have played a Swedish game,”

says Åsa Marnell, head of collections and exhibitions at the National Museum of Science and Technology.

The exhibition covers 1,000 square metres and celebrates the Swedish gaming industry and the world of gaming.

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We are linking this with targets for social sustainability and global sustainability in Agenda 2030.

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