Gold Panda You

Gold Panda’s glitch symphonies rightfully landed him on
countless Ones To Watch lists at the beginning of this year, but
we had to wonder how he was going to match the oriental,
continually charming stutter of ‘Quitters Raga’. ‘You’ is as
definite an answer as they come.

It’s still GP chopping up dubstep beats and cartoonish vocalseven if the scissors aren’t going in as deep this time – and it’s just as playful as anything
else the Essex chap has given us so far. You

But for its heightened simplicity (the breaks less dramatic, the pace more
contestant) it’s also infinitely more beautiful.

The first instalment in a series of graphic novels, The City of Abacus is
the result of a collaboration between singer/songwriter VV Brown and
filmmaker and illustrator David Allain, with artwork by Emma Price. It’s a dark, futuristic tale of corruption, rebellion and adventure set in the eerie city of Abacus, presided over by the evil ruler You

Queen Virusos, where music is banned, creative objects have become
mysterious relics and the city’s people have their thoughts controlled by the
MX-41 brain washing device. Only orphaned heroine Freeda is unsettled
by the conformity all around her. You

When Edwyn Collins – Orange Juice frontman, vintage guitar obsessive and
highly regarded solo artist – fell seriously ill in 2005, the initial
diagnosis didn’t look good at all.

Falling and Laughing is the story of how Collins, with the unfailing love and
support of his partner Grace and teenage son Will, set about

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