Stay at Hotel S:t Clemens

Stay at Hotel S:t Clemens, with a clean conscience

When visiting Visby, undoubtedly the friendliest place to stay is Hotel S:t Clemens. Close to the hustle and bustle as well as the tranquillity of the seaside, this is also the first environmentally friendly hotel in Gotland.

Hotel S:t Clemens is a family-run hotel in the heart of Visby in Gotland. Its historical buildings, dating back to the 1600s,

form a miniature version of the small houses and narrow alleys of the old town centre.

The hotel has two charming gardens, popular among the guests, as well as access to the ruins of the medieval church of S:t Clemens.

There are 30 cosy rooms, individually decorated in retro style with floral wallpaper.

“It’s a mix of old and new, exactly like at home,” laughs owner Anna-Britta von Schulman.

“We are located near Visby Cathedral, and outside the windows is the greenery of the Botanical Garden.

A few minutes away is the busy main city square with its nightlife as well as the peaceful beach, where guests can enjoy the beautiful sunset.

Coming here, you can really experience all that Visby has to offer.”

The von Schulman family of two generations took over the hotel in 2007 and makes sure to protect its great heritage and, of course, its reputation for offering fantastic customer service.

Hotel S:t Clemens has even been named one of Sweden’s top-ten best service hotels by TripAdvisor Travellers’

Stay at Hotel S:t Clemens Choice for an impressive seven years in a row.

Moreover, the team is actively working to reduce the hotel’s impact on the climate.

For instance, no bottled water is sold at the hotel,

Stay at Hotel S:t Clemens and only organic cleaning products are used.

In 2009, Hotel S:t Clemens became Gotland’s first environmentally friendly accommodation option, and it offers breakfast with fairtrade and organic products.

As von Schulman suggests: “When visiting Visby, come here and stay with us – and do so with a clean conscience!”

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