An active holiday

An active holiday in spectacular surroundings

For all those who turn down the type of holiday where the main activity consists of sipping drinks on a beach and instead opt for a more active holiday, a place like Gotland Sports Academy (GSA) is heaven on earth.

Since its foundation, it has seen visitor numbers grow annually, and the trend looks set to continue.

For many Swedes, nothing signifies summer more than the island of Gotland.

Plonked in the middle of the Baltic Sea, this island presents a magnificent natural environment with its long beaches,

An active holiday rauk rock formations and picturesque villages.

Known for its distinctive light and unique geology, Gotland continues to be a highly rated tourist destination.

The village of Slite and its adjoining archipelago – the only one on Gotland – is located on the northern part of the island.

This is also where the sporting paradise GSA can be found.

An active holiday

Lina Ringvall, marketing coordinator at GSA, has just enjoyed some cake in the spring sunshine together with her colleagues.

“GSA celebrates its third birthday today,” she begins.

During its three years in existence, the concept of an active holiday has become more and more popular.

“People who are active in their daily life want to be active during their holidays as well,” Ringvall explains.

GSA certainly has a lot to offer those who enjoy the outdoors, An active holiday

sports and a healthy lifestyle.

Many Swedes have at some point in their lives enjoyed a cycling holiday on Gotland, a tradition that is cherished and sustained at GSA.

“We offer great opportunities both for those who prefer some leisurely cycling on the roads around here and for those who are more into high-intensity off-road cycling,” says Ringvall.

Gotland being an island, all things water sports are naturally a vital part of GSA – everything from kayaking to sailing and, of course, swimming.

“We have a swimming pool here, but, as expected, as we’re located right next to a long sandy beach, heading straight for the sea is also a popular option,”

Ringvall continues. In addition to cycling and water sports, the sports options are almost endless.

There are tennis courts, ice hockey rinks and an 18-hole golf course, to mention a few.

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