30 years of Swedish

30 years of Swedish beach fashion

Can you really launch a successful swimwear brand in the cold north? Sweden is not exactly famous for long,

warm summers; in fact, the country has one of the shortest beach seasons in the world.

Yet, Panos Emporio has been creating swimwear from its Gothenburg base for 30 years now.

Scan Magazine spoke to founder Panos Papadopoulos to find out the secret behind the prosperity.

Greek immigrant Panos Papadopoulos started Panos Emporio after he studied the significance of fashion in the ‘80s nightlife of Stockholm for his university thesis in behavioural studies.

He then realised that he wanted to create his own fashion collection focused on the beach – an environment close to his heart.

“Holidays are important to people and crucial for our wellbeing.

They are often planned very early, sometimes years in advance; they are among the most important moments in our lives,”

30 years of Swedish says Papadopoulos, founder and CEO at Panos Emporio.

“What if I could be a part of this, brighten people’s holidays and give them peace of mind and body?”

The first collection launched in 1987, and Papadopoulos is proud of his long history in the industry, even though he tends to forget as time goes by.

An anniversary celebration and exhibition opening at Fotografiska in Stockholm gave him an opportunity to look back, and he admits that it was

30 years of Swedish very emotional to be reminded of the first collection and everything the company has achieved since.

Bright, romantic or earthy?

Anyone looking for the perfect outfit for beach 2017 can relax – there is a range of styles to be found in the Panos Emporio look book.

The collection is based on three main themes: Escape, Sense and Soul Safari.

The colour palette stretches from vibrant to pastels and earthy, and the textures come in everything from romantic crochet to a raw texture.

The men’s collection is focused on shorts that can be used beyond the beach.

“Men often want to wear the same shorts for swimming and walking on the beach as well as on their way to the hotel or in their spare time.

That’s why we’ve created swimwear that looks like city shorts, with a quick-drying material and a carefully fitted inner pant,” says Papadopoulos.

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