Rugged and elegant charms

Rugged and elegant charms

With a charismatic mix of Mediterranean elegance and windswept Swedish coastline,

byBaydesign’s handmade pieces of jewellery are loved by both men and women.

Talented designer Lena Bay is the founder of byBaydesign.

Based in Hällsvik outside Gothenburg, she creates rustic yet gorgeous jewellery by hand.

With carefully selected materials such as high-quality leather, silver, steel, crystals and gems, Rugged and elegant charms

her contemporary collections of androgynous bracelets and necklaces speak to both men and women.

Bay has a long-term affection for beautiful things, colours and shapes.

With a background in spa therapy and acupuncture, Rugged and elegant charms

she moved into jewellery design five years ago.

“My passion has always been jewellery and I feel blessed to be able to work with what I love,” she explains.

In addition to her collections of jewellery, Bay creates unique pieces of furniture and interior decoration in concrete and is also a gifted painter.

Inspiration for this creative mind is a mix of the windswept Swedish coastline, where Bay has her home, and trips abroad, in particular to Spain.

“I travel a lot and always browse shops and markets for new ideas.

And I try to attend a design fair in Madrid every year,” she says.

The admiration is mutual, as one of Spain’s biggest newspapers, La Vanguardia,

has recently featured byBaydesign.

In her designs, Bay flirts with the rugged coastal nature and a stylish Mediterranean lifestyle, Rugged and elegant charms

which come together beautifully in tough yet elegant pieces.

The byBaydesign collections are all made by hand, with details and charms handpicked from suppliers in Sweden, Spain and Portugal.

No item is exactly the same, making them into delightful pieces of craft.

The bestseller is the Infinity collection, which was Bay’s first creation.

It displays the infinity symbol on bracelets and necklaces and can also be seen in the byBaydesign logo.

Other popular designs are Peace and Yin & Yang, and customers around the Mediterranean are especially fond of the turquoise bracelets.

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