A Swedish school in the sun

A Swedish school in the sun

The Swedish School in Marbella is located in Nueva Andalucia,

just outside the town of Marbella in Spain.

“We have a lot of Swedes here so it’s a natural place to have a school for Swedish children,” says headmaster Fredrik Ternander.

The Swedish School in Marbella opened in 2003 and is today located in an urban area called La Alzambra,

complete with a spacious garden, a pool, a football field and a playground.

Here, everyone will know your name and every child can get what they need.

“Our smallness is our greatness.

We have capacity for 150 children and today we have 120,

but this spring we will likely fill the school,” A Swedish school in the sun

Ternander says and continues: “We can follow every child individually.

We know the parents and meet them every day, so we always have the possibility to talk to them.

Small things have a tendency to grow unless you address them, but here it never gets to that because we see each other daily.”

The school also plays an important role as a meeting place for parents, and regular activities are arranged for them to get to know one another.

Swedish curriculum

The school follows the Swedish curriculum and standards, but both the Spanish and English languages are taught from the age of seven.

“What makes us different from a Swedish school is that all students have Spanish from the first grade.

Everyone has three hours per week, divided into groups based on different levels,” Ternander says.

“We have no language profile, but we try to contribute to the Spanish community by having a lot of Spanish language classes,

celebrate local holidays, do the occasional flamenco and serve Spanish food.” A Swedish school in the sun

During a regular week, there might be four days of Swedish food and one with a Spanish dish such as paella or calamari.

The area has many Swedes and Ternander, himself an expat, admits that it is easy to live almost like at home.

“You can go a whole day speaking nothing but Swedish, reading Swedish books and doing your shopping at the Swedish shop.

But the school really encourages the Spanish way of life and becoming integrated into the local community,” he says.

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