Laying foundations

Laying foundations for the future

Grennaskolan lays the academic foundation for its students with first-class teaching,

an international focus and a peaceful study environment in the idyllic small town of Gränna. Put simply, it is a great education for a brilliant future.

The picturesque town of Gränna with its steep streets and rows of traditional

wooden houses has a flourishing tourism industry and a creative atmosphere with plenty of entrepreneurs and retailers.

Many are familiar with Gränna’s tradition of making irresistible red and white peppermint candy canes and may also know of Salomon August Andrée,

who attempted to fly a hydrogen balloon over the North Pole.

“The idyllic setting of Gränna is special, and our school with boarding houses feels exactly the same – small and familiar,”

says headmaster Anders Brage.

“As the school grows over the years, the familiar atmosphere and close bonds between students and teachers remain.” Laying foundations

Grennaskolan was originally set up in 1963 by Stockholm University as Sweden’s first international upper-secondary school.

Nowadays, the school is owned by the municipality of Jönköping and offers the International Baccalaureate (IB)

Diploma Programme in English and two national programmes according to the Swedish curriculum: Laying foundations

the Social Science Programme and the Business Management and Economics Programme.

All lines of study are available for boarding as well as day students.

Popular pre-university programme Laying foundations

The IB programme is appreciated by universities for challenging the students in their search for knowledge and preparing them for higher education.

“The students have fewer subjects but with more in-depth focus.

This is an intensive programme in preparation for successful academic studies,” explains Brage.

The IB programme has an international focus with courses in modern languages, social sciences, natural sciences and mathematics.

In addition, the aim of the IB learner profile is to develop internationally minded people who help to create a better and more peaceful world.

Laying foundations

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