Discover the majestic Jotunheimen

Whether you are a beginner or an extreme skier,

the spectacular and untouched grounds at Jotunheimen make a great destination for discovering Norway’s finest mountain areas.

Here, you can experience everything from short day trips in easy terrain to more challenging routes, Discover

or simply slow down while enjoying the breathtaking views.

“There are not many places in Norway where the peaks are as accessible as they are here in Jotunheimen,”

says Mari Wedum, manager at Visit Jotunheimen.

The national park, situated in the municipality of Lom, is adorned

with some of the tallest mountains in northern Europe – an excellent area not only for winter and skiing, Discover

but to visit all year round. Here, you will find Norway’s two highest mountains, Galdhøpiggen and Glittertind,

with spectacular views towards glaciers, rugged landscape and surrounding peaks.

In fact, most of the country’s 300 peaks over 2,000 metres are found here.

Lom has a national park village status, surrounded by three national parks and well known for the beautiful medieval wooden church,

a national park visitor centre, a climate park and a climbing park, and a world-famous bakery offering fresh pastries every day.

Here, you can also find a large network of hiking trails.

This majestic area has a great selection of lodging and dining venues taking care of tourists Discover

whether they wish to see the peaks of Jotunheimen or seek a warm and quiet atmosphere.

“You can stay in an accommodating hotel or a charming mountain cottage with marked trails that run between the lodges,” says Wedum.

“Wake up, buckle your skis on right outside the door and enjoy a hike in the beautiful landscape before ending the day with traditional, local food.”

For experienced skiers, Wedum suggests taking part in Høgruta, a five-day trip taking you between 2,000-metre peaks and serviced cabins.

Each leg of the trip is about 15 kilometres long with a climb of between 1,000 and 1,500 metres.

This hike has become Norway’s answer to the popular Haute Route in the Alps, a classic that ranks highly on the priority list of ski enthusiasts.

“Whatever you choose to experience, a local guide can help and teach you what is required to have a safe and enjoyable time,” says Wedum.

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