Scenic nature

Scenic nature at the end of the world

Located right by Verdens Ende, Norwegian for ‘the World’s End’, in Tjøme, Norway,

surrounded by the sea and the beautiful archipelago,

Færder National Park visitor centre offers astonishing nature experiences and activities for the whole family.

Færder national park opened back in 2013, Scenic nature

which makes it one of the youngest national parks in Norway.

Here, you can enjoy the spectacular nature for free, Scenic nature

enjoy guided tours or experience the picturesque boat life at the marina.

“We arrange guided tours where visitors can learn about our unique flora, fauna and geology.

We also have free activities for children, like crab fishing,

arts and crafts, and nature trails with a quiz,” says operations manager Linda Mills.

The visitor centre is located right at Verdens Ende in a rebuilt house from the 1930s Scenic nature

with an amazing panorama room where visitors can enjoy views over the beautiful island.

One floor down is the digital and interactive exhibition At the Edge of the Sea,

as well as a tourist information spot and a shop with locally produced goods.

“Right outside the door is the iconic tipping lantern lighthouse,

where many tourists take their holiday selfies,” Mills laughs.

The park is within a day’s travel distance of two million people and known for its teeming summer life,

allowing visitors to have a swim and enjoy the summer in genuine, Norwegian nature.

“It is the perfect mix of culture and nature, experience and pleasure.

With mountains and fjords, this is one of the most beautiful nature experiences Norway can offer,” says Mills.

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