Spiseriet: gastronomic compositions by culinary champions

When it comes to culinary excellence, the White Guide is not to be doubted.

Listing the very best of Nordic restaurants and culinary institutions in their compendia,

any foodie reader is well advised in advance of their next gastronomic experience

one we can only hope will take place at Stavanger-based culinary champion Spiseriet.

The restaurant has made ‘simple, well-made and tasty’ its slogan and impressed countless guests with a straight-forward approach to fine dining.

Welcome to a table you will not want to leave for anything.

“It’s a real feather in one’s cap being mentioned in White Guide Nordic,” says Raymond Helland, General Manager at Spiseriet.

“We have put in a great deal of work to get to where we are today.

Last year saw us receive several awards, so being listed in the White Guide right before Christmas was a great present for all of the staff!”

Heartfelt triumph – a recipe for success

However extravagant the various accolades may sound (some of which include the newspaper Aftenbladet’s award for excellent quality and taste,

also emphasising the use of local produce and knowledge of provenance), the core philosophy of Spiseriet is centred on simplicity.

“We want to be a restaurant for the common man, if you will.

The language of our menus is clear, simple and precise, without any additional points that only serve confusion.

The same values go for the final presentation on each plate: we want everyone to see exactly what they are having, presenting them with nothing but great produce.

This creates a wonderful harmony that really strikes the everyday restaurant guest – it’s simple, thorough and good.”

Harbouring such a blatantly prosperous recipe for success at the very foundation of the business,

it is not difficult to see why triumph gravitates towards the restaurant in all forms and aspects.

Nothing can be more illustrative of this than the business’s heart – its kitchen – currently housing Norway’s best chef, Christian André Pettersen.

Having won several gold medals for his remarkable skills in cooking,

he topped off 2014 by winning the Norwegian Championship in culinary arts – a rare feat for a mere 25-year-old chef.

The achievement earned Pettersen a spot at the Nordic Championships, to be held in Denmark in June this year.

Hellandis noticeably proud of his employees and their achievements, from championship medals to their day-to-day efforts.

“Behind Spiseriet is a whole team that works to cultivate and pursue the ultimate experience of a meal.

Everyone who works with us is part of the success and should receive credit for their work.

Our guests have the highest importance for us, and accolades

such as a White Guide listing motivate us to keep improving and developing the way we deliver,” says Helland.

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