Textile explosion

Textile explosion

Once Sweden’s textile capital, and still today at the forefront of textile and fashion production,

Borås is the place to go for lovers of patterns, prints and design.

At the new and improved Textile Museum of Sweden, the secrets of past textile factories meet the promises of future textile innovations.

“It is exceptionally spectacular, something far beyond your wildest imagination,”

says Ulrika Kullenberg, museum director of Textile Museum of Sweden.

“It’s where fashion meets art – exactly what we had in mind for our first exhibition.”

She is talking about the Iris van Herpen exhibition, running from May to September this year, and by first she means under a new roof.

On 23 May, the Textile Museum of Sweden will open the doors to its brand new premises as part of the Textile Fashion Center, Textile explosion

housed in an old factory with walls steeped in texile production history.

“It’s a real opportunity for us to be a part of this textile cluster,” says Kullenberg.

“We’ll be next door to the Swedish School of Textiles, with access to their showroom.

Moreover, we’ll be right at the heart of this centre for science, culture,

innovation and business, and the premises are much better suited to our needs.”

Textiles everywhere, all the time

The museum works across five key areas: fashion, design, art, textile industry, and innovative textiles.

Compared to its older incarnation, the museum will now be “slightly more youthful, more energetic.”

In addition, a brand new permanent exhibition will be opened, Textile explosion

exploring the use of textile in areas most people would probably never have pictured it.

“Textiles are everywhere, all the time – and we want to highlight this versatility,” says the director.

“Generally speaking, it will be like a world of patterns and shapes – like a textile explosion.”

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