Unforgettable holiday bliss

Often described as an oasis of the good life, Haaheim Gaard believes in creating magical moments their guests are sure to remember forever.

In idyllic and romantic surroundings, visitors at Haaheim enjoy life to the very fullest, which is why they keep coming back.

Haaheim Gaard is a small, beautiful hotel located in Tysnes in Western Norway.

Former musician Torstein Hatlevik bought Haaheim farm in 2000 – without electricity or water, Unforgettable

but full of potential. He renovated it and opened up a small hotel in 2009,

mainly because he wanted to share the wonderful experience of living there.

Word of Hatlevik’s little paradise spread quickly, and just a few years later he realised that he had to expand in order to meet the demand.

“Haaheim Gaard has become a very popular hotel and our visitors really enjoy themselves here.

The surroundings are beautiful and I think more and more people seek these out-ofthe-ordinary experiences,” Hatlevik says.

Despite doubling in size this summer, Haaheim will remain a small and exclusive hotel with a total of nine rooms.

However, with four restaurants, a large library, a beautiful summer garden house and plenty of new activities on offer, Unforgettable

Haaheim is certainly well-equipped to face the busy holiday season.

Unique experiences

So what exactly makes Haaheim so special? For starters, it is the location.

Tysnes consists of a number of small islands and has long been a popular tourist destination for hikers and cyclists.

The garden surrounding the hotel has more than 1,500 roses and has seen a number of happy couples say their ‘I dos’ over the last five years.

But more importantly, the key to Haaheim’s success lies in the way the establishment sees and treats each visitor.

“There is no such thing as a standard package at Haaheim.

Instead we tailor the experience to each individual guest, making sure that their stay is exactly how they want it,” says Hatlevik.

Each of the nine rooms has been individually decorated and has its own outside area, complete with a stunning sunset view.

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