Walk in the footsteps

Walk in the footsteps of ancient kings

Innherred offers everything from action-packed experiences such as mine and cave tours,

dog sledding, climbing or snowshoeing in the dark to fishing in the famous Trondheimfjorden,

amazing local cuisine and of course the opportunity to explore the place where one of Norway’s most important historical events,

the battle of Stiklestad, took place in 1030. Walk in the footsteps

Innherred is a traditional district in the Nord-Trøndelag County in central Norway,

covering the areas around the inner part of Trondheimsfjorden and situated approximately 80 kilometres from Trondheim.

St. Olavsleden, or St. Olav’s Way, is considered to be Scandinavia’s answer to El Camino, Walk in the footsteps

stretching 564 kilometres through Sweden and Norway from the Bothnian Sea to the Atlantic, Walk in the footsteps

following ancient paths where pilgrims walked towards the final destination of Nidaros.

The route starts in Selånger, where King Olav Haraldsson stepped ashore in July 1030 after years in exile, Walk in the footsteps

determined to convert the country to Christianity and win back the throne.

His journey ended in Stiklestad in 1030,

where the King fell during a battle against local chieftains.

A year later, he was declared Saint Olav.

From past kings to present Sámi people

Today, Stiklestad is a great place learn about history, the most famous event being the Saint Olav Drama.

You will also find a cultural museum, open all year round,

featuring exhibitions, a museum shop, café, restaurant and Stiklestad Hotell.

The Olsok Day is an ecclesiastical feast that marks St. Olav’s death, celebrated with a festival called St.

Olav Festival every July. During this celebration,

Stiklestad is transformed into a large market area and medieval tents are set up

with craftsmen and merchants demonstrating their knowledge of ancient handicrafts.

Visitors can buy products of leather,

wood, iron, glass and various fabrics, and medieval music contributes to the atmosphere.

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