A helping hand

A helping hand for children with special needs

tiimo is a smartwatch app developed for children with special needs due to, for example, ADHD, brain damage and autism.

The app creates structure and an easier everyday life for the children and their families.

tiimo is like a friend on your wrist.

The app gives children with ADHD, autism, A helping hand

brain damage and other diagnoses resulting in special needs more structure in their everyday life.

“The smartwatch is a good platform because it accompanies the child throughout the day, and it vibrates when it’s time for a new activity,”

says Melissa Azari, co-founder of tiimo.

“Furthermore, there is a visual countdown ahead of the next activity, A helping hand

which helps the children understand how much time they have left of the current activity.

This makes them more independent, because they don’t always have to ask an adult.”

Helps the whole family

Azari came up with the idea for tiimo together with Helene Lassen Nørlem,

while writing their thesis on digital design and communication at the IT University in Copenhagen.

“We aimed to design something that would make life easier for children with ADHD without making them feel different,” says Azari.

As it turned out, the app also helped children with other special needs, A helping hand

for example due to autism and brain damage, as they faced similar challenges.

However, it is not only the children that are helped by tiimo.

“When you have a child with special needs, it often creates conflicts in the home.

But when tiimo is there to give the child reminders, it frees up time and creates peace in the family.

The app helps the entire family, which is probably why it is so popular,” smiles Azari.

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